It’s picnic month on She Eats! Tasty treats giveaway

picnic month / SHE-EATSBecause everything tastes good eaten on a blanket!

I have decided to declare picnic month here on SHE EATS: a) because we had some sunny days recently and so that means summer could finish any time soon and b) because it’s always the right time to enjoy posh nibbles with friends.

So this month you can expect a picnic themed Desert Island Dish linky to share your recipes, some picnic friendly recipes and a look at some top picnic spots around the north west. But first, how about a little picnic giveaway?

Giveaway: picnic treats

I’ve a bundle of treats for one lucky reader, that should help your picnic go swimmingly.Opies picnic goodies / SHE-EATS

Family owned Opies have been producing food since 1880 and will be a familiar name for many. In your picnic pack you will find:

  • Pickled gherkins
  • Cocktail onions (you know, the tiny ones that are addictive!)
  • Capers (ideal for giving crunch and tang to your salads)
  • Lemon slices (for the G&T!)

We also have a bottle of Lingham’s famous Chilli Sauce – created during the British Colonial era, it was made sweet and spicy to appeal to the British palette. Today, it is loved by chefs and home cooks for it’s versatility as a dipping sauce and marinade.Barry Norman pickles Linghams Chilli / SHE-EATS

 Finally, there is a jar of Barry Norman Pickled Onions.  The Victorian family recipe of Barry Norman for traditional pickled onions are described as “the only pickled onion with a homemade flavour”.

It’s easy peasy to enter- just follow the instructions below. Entries close Monday 7th August at midnight. Good luck!

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Win picnic treats / SHE-EATS

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  1. No picnic for me is complete without some cheese, I love the stuff – especially crumbly ones like Wensleydale 🙂

  2. Lots of nibbles like olives, feta cheese cubes, chunky pepper slices and thick cucumber slices, all with houmous dip on the side.

  3. home made pasta and sweetcorn, homemade sausage rolls, chicken tikka sandwiches, huge box of salad, jellies and squirty cream

  4. Love to have a Ploughman’s lunch with a good tasty cheese and pickled onions

  5. I love cokd salmon, cheeses, and lots of pickly things…. im a savoury girl!

  6. lots of little mini party foods – cocktail sausages, sausage rolls and mini pizzas 😀

  7. Obvs posh nibbles but I also take a cool bag with fruits and a bottle of rosè to make a yummy punch for us grown ups !

  8. Carrot and celery sticks with houmous, crusty bread wensleydale and beetroot chutney sandwiches, and grapes and/or strawberries. No wine for me, I would just sleep.

  9. I love a fresh baguette with some pate and tomatoes and a home made lemonade or cocktail. Everything else is a bonus!

  10. Cucumber sandwiches, freshly baked sausage rolls and of course strawberries and champagne.

  11. I love a pasta salad at a picnic – I am obsessed with pasta! but you can’t beat the savoury sausage roll.

  12. I love hard boiled eggs, cherry toms from our garden, cheese and beetroot sandwiches and a glorious home made Victoria Sponge Cake! And preferably some sunshine!

  13. I am a massive cheese lover – so anything that has cheese in it, is a must for me!

  14. These pickles look mouthwatering! Many thanks for running this lovely giveaway. My picnics always have some spicy samosas and a cheese board. I like the contrasts.

  15. I love mini quiche, mini cheese & onion pies, crusty bread, crumbly cheese, and picked onions!

  16. Some cheddar, in bit-sized cubes, mini pork pies and some fruit cake, something that doesn’t fall apart as soon as you take a bite out of it

  17. I love cheese and pickles, cocktail sausages and pork pie…mmmmm making me hungry now

  18. We have to have egg sandwiches. Comes from years ago when going to Cornwall from Yorkshire used to take forever (even longer than now) and we always used to have egg sandwiches. Oh and pickled onions, loved them since I was younger and it’s a tradition to have them on a Wednesday night no matter what or when we have them the rest of the week.

  19. I love sat eating a picnic in the sun with the smell of fresh cut grass. Lots of savoury nibbles and Elton mess to finish off with

  20. I love the great variety of food – most of them I prepare are bite size so my daughter who is always running around, could nibble on them

  21. Cheese and Onion Quiche, cold sausages, bit of Indian nibbles , plenty of salad and silver onions and chutney

  22. Cheese and Pickle sandwiches – nothing else in them, just lots and lots of cheese and even more pickle! If the pickle doesn’t drip down your arm you haven’t put enough on 😀

  23. I do love an egg sandwich at a picnic, its not the same without them 🙂 I’d love to win this prize! perfect for the pregnant woman 🙂

  24. In my picnic I love homemade scotch eggs and sausage rolls, plus strawberries and cream for dessert.

  25. Cheese and pickle sandwiches and I’m the only one in the family that likes them so no one else takes them lol

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