Cookies Fit For A Princess

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Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am very excited about the forthcoming royal wedding because it has given me great reason to have a party. A right royal tea party.

I have been planning my party since the day Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement, and almost instantly decided that I would need suitably royal biscuits. So I turned to Cox & Cox and found an amazing crown shaped cutter, along with an equally adorable butterfly one in the sale. These are big cutters – the size of a side plate – and the thought of having to wait until the end of April to use them was killing me!

So thank goodness our princess-loving niece did the decent thing and turned six. I decided to keep it simple, and knocked up a batch of Nigella’s sugar biscuit mix from the book Feast. I only managed to get three giant cookies out of it, and as you can see I went all out with the golden candy balls.

The result? The most adorable biscuit I ever did see!

It needs some tweaking for the royal party: a spicier dough (the flavour of hot cross buns), and maybe some Fox’s Fruit Glacier Sweets to make pretty jewels in the holes. But all in all, I think that any princess aged six or 96 would love to receive one of these.

NB- I wanted to link to the cutters on the Cox & Cox website, but they don’t seem to have them online anymore. Maybe I am not the only one who’s gone royal wedding crazy?!

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