Foodie Traditions of Christmas – Let’s Get This Party Started!

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Ah yes, the nights are drawing in which means that the Christmas seasonis sneaking up on us. Cards are in the shops and the local gaden centre has it’s displays up. So, it is time to start planning. It’s only October I hear you cry- but early planning means I can manage the money and ensure stress free celebrations.

There are definitely traditions that every family loves to keep up: goose or turkey, lunch or dinner, cake or pudding, queens speach or TOTP. Sometimes this means pushing the boat out on a special bottle of wine for dinner or, as in our house, vintage port for afterwards.
Often it means serving up treats that you have put time and effort in to making yourself. That could be the Christmas cake which has been maturing since September, the damson gin you serve to friends on Christmas Eve or spiced biscuits to hang from the tree. I am very excited about all of these things!
Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without some serious chocolate indulgence. The joy of giving a friend their favourite treat is as satisfying as eating it yourself. Although, at what other time of year can you get away with treating yourself to a box of something special to much while still in your PJs?

Food and drink is an intrinsic part of the Christmas celebrations, in our house and the joy of having our own traditions and ways of marking the holiday is part of the magic.

Now, is that sleigh bells I hear coming from the roof…

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