Winter wonderland afternoon tea at The Bridge, Prestbury

Afternoon tea on a stand

I’ve lived right by Cheshire for most of my life, yet I am always surprised by how vast it is, and how much I haven’t visited. Prestbury is a case in point. It is one of those gorgeous little villages which Cheshire is famed for, and really not far from home, but I have gone all these years without visiting. Luckily afternoon tea at The Bridge came up*, so it was the perfect opportunity to check the village out. Continue Reading

Birthday celebrations at Moor Hall, Lancashire

If I had to turn 40, I was going to do it my way. No big party, but a magnificent meal. It didn’t take much to persuade Andrew to book us for a night at Moor Hall in Aughton, Lancashire.

I’m struggling with what to say because it was just astounding. So I will share it with you in pictures instead. Continue Reading

DJ’s Cold Infusion – bringing a grin to tonic

DJ's Cold Infusions / She-EatsI’m looking at a box of ‘teabags’and bottle of tonic water, ready to make a fancy drink for a Saturday night. No, I’ve not gone crazy (well, not much!). The teabags in question are in fact DJ’s Cold Infusion pockets– created to infuse spirits such as gin and vodka, and I’m hoping they will jazz up my non alcoholic tipples. Continue Reading

Pecan and Pumpkin Spice Cake

Pecan pumpkin spice cake recipe / SHE-EATS

two fancy cake tins / Pecan pumpkin spice cake recipe / SHE-EATS

Do you love these tins as much as I do? I love a bundt, and I have a fair few, but you do have to commit to making a big cake, and as there are only two of us, it isn’t always ideal. Plus I love the simplicity of a loaf cake, something which slices easily and can be on stand-by in the freezer or on hand to give to friends. I have been eyeing these two up for ages, but they aren’t stocked in the UK yet, so I used some birthday money to treat myself to a transatlantic transaction. The customer service was great and they came really well packed. The design on them both is so lovely that all they need is a sprinkle of icing sugar, or a drizzle of warm caramel and they are ready for an audience. Continue Reading

How To Cook Pigeon Breast

Warm lentil salad with pigeon breast on top / How to cook pigeon / SHE-EATSWarm pigeon salad and pigeon with roast veg

My cooking is very autumnal in tone at the moment. My cookies are oat, my cakes are spiced and my meals are cosy.

I was challenged by Wild and Game to introduce pigeon into my meal planning to showcase this under used meat.* I must admit that I’ve eaten pigeon in restaurants before, but I can’t think that I’ve ever cooked it at home.

When I cook chicken I prefer thigh as the meat is tastier. I’d compare pigeon breast to chicken thigh in terms of flavour; it’s a slightly richer flavour, a bit gamey but subtle at the same time. Packet of pigeon fillets / How to cook pigeon / SHE-EATS Continue Reading

The Grill In The Park, Worsley Park Marriott

Front of house sign at The Grill in the Park, Worsley / SHE-EATSNew look, new grill, new menu

The refurb of the restaurant at the Worsley Park Marriott has taken a while, it had started when I came last March and was still ongoing when we came with family at Easter. But now it’s finished and we popped in to check out The Grill In The Park for a midweek treat.*

Its been a big job transforming the hotel restaurant into something that will appeal to local residents as well as hotel guests and exec chef Tom Gardner has overhauled the menu.

The Grill In The Park takes it’s name from the fact that the kitchen has been redesigned around a brand new grill which caramelises the outside of food thanks to its 300c heat. Continue Reading

Sausage Barley Risotto

Close up of sausage barley risotto / Sausage barley risotto / SHE-EATS

My job now comes with a commute, so I am trying when I can to make big meals so that I can freeze half of for easier week night meals. We both love risotto but it takes take to make so often I can’t be arsed. And I don’t like to freeze rice because of the risks of food poisoning. So barley risotto is a fab way of getting that indulgent risotto hit from the freezer.

My initial foray into barley risotto was via otelenghi, and I cook his tomato version regularly. But I also love it with mushrooms, with veggies and with sausage. I’m fact I think a sausage barley risotto has to be an ultimate comfort food dish so it pays to get the best, up your sausage game (oo-er)…and try game sausage!

Continue Reading

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