Easter Creme Egg brownies

creme egg brownies on plate / she-eats.com

Ok, so I caved! My social media feed is full of Creme Egg cakes, Creme Egg cookies and Creme Egg brownies, so I couldn’t resist making my own.

A chocolate brownie is a treat. A hand full of mini eggs is a treat. A Creme Egg is a treat. So, my point is, enjoy these brownies in moderation because they are all three! I actually decided to use the small Creme Eggs which come in a bag – partially because I don’t think I could manage a whole one, and also why just put a Creme Egg in when you can add mini eggs as well! Yes, the eggs run deep in this brownie!

Creme Egg brownie on plate / she-eats.com
The ‘egg white’ melts and then caramelises….
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Afternoon tea at Mamucium, Manchester

Sweet treats on an afternoon tea / Afternoon tea Mamucium Manchester / She-Eats.com

There is so much afternoon tea around these day, that I think many places just plop it on the menu and then serve up some sub-standard cake and curly sandwiches in order to fulfil a need. You won’t read about those places here. I only want to share the good stuff and Mamucium in Manchester is my latest find.

It was actually my sister who suggested we take our teenage nieces to Mamucium – right next door to Manchester Victoria station. I was perplexed as she isn’t one to generally have her finger on the pulse of new foodie openings, but it turns out that she knows a pastry chef there. So all in the name of support (yeah right, like we need an excuse to go and scoff cake!) we trundled off on a gawd awful rainy mid-week jaunt during the school holidays.

Mamucium is actually part of a relatively new hotel called Hotel Indigo. The building was much smaller that I was expecting for a hotel, but it is nice to see that they’ve renovated an existing old one instead of building something new and bland.

Hotel lobby
Quick shot of the lobby as we were walking through…
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Recipe: macaroni cheese

Macaroni cheese / she-eats.com

Ok, so I know that this is the second cheese-related recipe in a row. It’s just that time of year, where everything is made better by some melted cheese. You know that’s true: toasties, crumpets, pasta, pizza, risotto, onion soup… all are perfect bedfellows with cheese. Plus I have never shared a macaroni cheese recipe, so why the heck not!

I love macaroni cheese, but I don’t eat it very often because it is so OTT, even by my greedy standards. All that cheese, butter, full fat milk, pasta….if I made it every week there would be serious trouble. But macaroni cheese is a winner when done well and I hope that you agree that this has been done well. So as an occasional tea it is a real treat.

Macaroni cheese / She-Eats.com
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Kerala: Thekkady and Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Kerala part 1: looking for elephants in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Close up on monkey / Thekkady Periyar Kerala India / She-Eats.com /

A trip to Kerala was the best way to see in the new year. After falling in love with the hustle and bustle of Rajisthan on our last trip to India, we were keen to see how Kerala was in comparison. It did not disappoint.

We crammed a lot into our two weeks there, and there were two distinct themes to the trip: enjoying the landscapes and wildlife and then a chance to chill out before heading home.

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Dried Parma Ham: your addictive new condiment!

Dried Parma Ham on crumpets / She-Eats.com

Since my trip to Le Cordon Bleu with Parma Ham last year, I have become a teeny but obsessed with dried Parma Ham. Yep, not fried, dried! It might sound weird, but trust me; when you slowly remove the water, you are left with an uber-savoury treat which you can break up in to shards, grind into a meaty sprinkle or simple snack on whole.

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Bacon and mushroom orzo ‘risotto’ – a one pan wonder

Close up of pasta with mushroom on top / Smoky bacon and mushroom orzo risotto orzotto with Germanto / She-Eats.Com

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As they say round these parts: by ‘eck it’s cold! By they, I mean me, and by these parts, I mean most of the UK!

A general new year gloom, post-holiday blues and then a damn artic chill have left me turning to my kitchen for moral support. What I need is a hug, but failing that a bowl of delicious, soothing, warming food is a close second.

Close up of pasta with cheese pull on a fork / Smoky bacon and mushroom orzo risotto orzotto with Germanto / She-Eats.Com

At this time of year, food needs to tick some boxes:

  • Hot
  • Easy to make – I commute and want to make fresh food when I get home that won’t take hours
  • Easy on the budget
  • Easy on the washing up
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