She is.… Claire. My corner of the internet was for many years called GoodEggFoodie – named after the deli/bakehouse/cheeseshop/patisserie I owned in my dreams!

In 2017 I decided to rebuild the site and rebrand as She Eats. I will always be the ‘good egg’ but it felt like the right time to change.


She eats… anything and everything! I love to eat in, I love to eat out. I love to buy food and drink from producers who are doing exciting, tasty things.

She drinks…not enough alcohol! Not been drinking since mid 2015. I miss it (it doesn’t agree with some medication) but it means I am always on the hunt for a great beer, mocktail or cordial.


Bolton and Wigan Clandestine Cake Club members celebrating 6 years of cake and friendship- now the Great Northern Bake Club.

She bakes… I love to bake, especially brownies. I am part of the Great Northern Bake Club – join us on Facebook and help us to organise more bake-ups. The first rule of bake club is to eat lots, drink tea and make friends for life.

She travels…far and wide! I love a good staycation (North Wales is my happy place), but god knows I can eat my way around anywhere from Greece to India.  From a quick weekend R&R break to a three week long haul, give me the world and I will find the best food while I am there.


Tagine on the streets of Marrakech

She learns…bread is my Achilles heel, but I keep trying. I love to listen to people who make, bake and create- I am fascinated by the infinite talent out there.

She won’t… make, eat, photograph anything prefixed with unicorns or mermaids. That just makes me mad…so much food colouring is not going to give you tasty food people *exasperated eye roll*.  Equally I won’t ever be over-curating my Instagram feed- I think there are too many identikit food feeds out there and I like to keep it messy real!

She is the cats mother… my husband said people would react to the ‘she’ in my new name with this. But that’s ok because I am indeed mum to two cats: Fred and Ginger. They even have their own Instagram!

So, that’s me and this is SHE EATS. I hope you enjoy it and visit often. Let me know what you think about the site, what you’d like to see and maybe we can have a slice of cake and a natter one day!

Love & cake,
Claire xx


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