Chai Spiced Rice

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For 35 years, I didn’t drink tea (or coffee for that matter). But then late last year I discovered that I really like chai; spicy black tea. Unfortunately, my gut doesn’t agree. 35 years without caffeine means that the smallest cup of chai sends me a bit dizzy!

So I was looking at something to do with my box of chai bags and I remembered being shown how to infuse rice on an Indian cookery course. It involved lots of simmering of spices for some time in the cooking water. I realised that chai tea does away with all that time consuming faff and have some rice on the table in no time. And you know how much I love faff free cooking!

Chai Spiced Rice

  •  2 x chai tea bags
  • Rice (I used jasmine, but any white rice would do)
  • Water

Chai Tea Water!

What you do

  •  It’s simple. Bring your pan of water to a boil – I use enough to cover my rice plus 50% ish.
  • Add two teabags and let them simmer for just three minutes. Any longer, and the overwhelming taste would be tea!
  • Add your rice and cook for 8-10 minutes

I served my delicately spiced rice with some Vietnamese bac ha chicken – a first for me which was super easy to make and absolutely delicious!

Chai spiced rice & Vietnamese chicken

By the way, I bought a proper camera at the weekend! I still need loads of practice, but no more photographing recipes on my phone. All tips welcome!

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